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Credit vs. Lower Price

Found your dream home to buy? So what happens if the home inspection turns up an issue or two? Take a listen to the video to find out what your options may be when it comes to negotiating and how it could affect your financing.

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Down Payment: 5% vs 20%

One of the most common questions I get is about the down payment. More specifically how much is needed for the down payment. While most people think it's 20%, that's not true. Take a listen to the video to hear the advantages and disadvantages of putting down the full 20% vs a smaller amount.

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Understanding Bankruptcy

Does Bankruptcy = Bad? Not necessarily. Watch the video as I chat with bankruptcy attorney Mark Martella to get a better understanding of what it means to file for bankruptcy and how it could even help in certain situations.

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Not All Credit Scores are Created Equal

If you watch your credit score through Credit Karma or a service offered by a credit card, you may think you know what your score is when applying for a home loan. Watch the video to learn the differences between a consumer credit score and a mortgage credit score and how certain credit events may have an impact on your score.

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Relationships & Doing The Right Thing

When buying a new home, nothing is more important than the relationship you have with an agent and your loan officer (me!). You want someone who will do the right thing for you to make sure you have a Happy, Smooth, and On-Time Closing. Check out the video to see how myself and my team work hard for you now and the future. Then give me a call at 941-621-8498 or begin an application online HERE.

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Local Lender vs. Not?

Is there a difference when it comes to choosing a local lender vs one who is not? You bet! Listen to the video to find out why a local lender (me!) could make the difference for a Happy, Smooth, and On-Time Closing.

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Show Me The Money!

The mortgage process can be daunting and if you've never gone through it, you probably have quite a few questions. One of the most frequently asked is about the down payment. Check out the video to find out more about minimum down payment requirements, where the funds can come from, and much more!

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The Tick Off Factor

The Tick Off Factor

To Lock or Not to Lock? That is the question at the beginning of the mortgage process. Watch the video to hear my very "scientific" method of determining whether to lock in an interest rate.

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