How Much Does It Cost...Really?

When it comes to buying a home, you know you have to shell out some moolah for the down payment. But there may be other upfront expenses you might not be aware of and unprepared for. Take a listen to the video to find out what those are and about a tool I offer that helps make budgeting for your dream home much easier.

PLUS: When you’re ready… here are 3 ways I can help you obtain the best mortgage loan to fit your lifestyle

1 - Experts agree - first, find out what your bottom line is

The first step for any buyer is to find out how large a mortgage you’d qualify for and what you can expect as an interest rate. It doesn’t cost anything to consult with a professional like myself. Take a few minutes to fill out the online mortgage application and see where you stand -

2 - Avoid making a disastrous mortgage financing mistake

If you’re the type of person who likes to do their own research first before jumping into something, here’s the perfect solution. I have written an ‘easy-to-read’ report entitled Unlocking Mortgage Secrets For Home Ownership and you can download it as a PDF for free -

3 - You’re encouraged to focus on helpful advice

To help you make the best-for-you decision on what type of mortgage and interest rate you should choose, become knowledgeable on what professionals in the field are saying about updated qualification restrictions and interest rate trends in our current mortgage market. You can read about actual client experiences or watch short, informative market update videos on my blog -