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Toby Lynn's Realtor Success Series

Focused on providing you the knowledge to have massive success in your Real Estate Career

Classes Past and Present

The Secrets to Successful Government Lending

There’s a Gold Mine in understanding how to WIN with Government loans that will benefit you and your buyer/sellers! Whether you represent the Seller or the Buyer - this class is for YOU!

Lead Conversion Tips & Techniques For Realtor Success

Do you know what the difference is between a “Mega Real Estate Agent” and “All Other Real Estate Agents”? It’s their ability to convert real estate leads into real estate closings!

Everything You Need To Know About Credit Scoring

As both a Realtor and a Consumer, credit scoring is monumentally important to each of us. These scores directly determine your buyer’s borrowing power and mortgage options.

Real Estate Marketing Defined: The Inbound Funnel

Ever wonder how to fuse all of your marketing tactics and techniques into one, cohesive, business-booming blueprint? In this class, we delve into what it takes to put together the perfect marketing mix for your real estate business — one that makes your online marketing activities easier to conduct, manage, and analyze while delivering the results and ROI you need to succeed.

Unlocking The Secrets For A Successful Closing

Learn how to help make a deal stay together! Mortgage success from a Lenders perspective and all about condo’s and their unique requirements

The #1 Realtor Money Making Secret

Have you ever wondered why some agents are more successful than others? There’s a critical component to real estate sales success. If you understand and master it, a whole new world will open up to you! And the good news… it is a learned skill. You don’t have to be born with it… just be willing to embrace it fully and commit to doing it.

What Single Women Homebuyers Want & How To Deliver

Did you know single females now outnumber single male homebuyers in America 2:1? How about the fact that every 1 out of 5 homes being sold are being purchased by single women? Attend this class and learn what’s important to women homebuyers and how to market to them!

Using Evernote Daily

Evernote is an app designed to organize your entire business and personal life and help make you almost entirely paperless. It allows you to take notes by typing or writing and to record audio, video or photos into any note. You can drag and drop photos or screen captures into notes as well as PDF attachments. It works on all PC, Apple and Android devices and syncs across every platform so you’ve got every note everywhere you are.

Easy Business Planning For Realtors

The ‘Easy Business Planning For Realtors’ 90-minute class will advise you, in an easy &concise fashion, how to organize your business & keep you focused on what to do month-by-month to reach your professional and personal goals and your unrealized potential.

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